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What is IKB? 


We get asked this question all the time. IKB, an initialism for International Klein Blue, is a unique hue of blue blended and crafted by 20th Century visual artist Yves Klein.


Color, like sound, propagates as waves that our eyes and ears detect. These vibrations (waves) are subsequently processed by our brains to interpret these sensations. It is a miraculous process!




IKB as a color was born of the mind of Klein in an effort to show us how he experienced the world, both subliminal and digested realities. His process created a pure visage of the power of color, which was usually employed monochromatically. He developed a unique medium for the color: an ultramarine pigment suspended in a clear resin that could be applied to canvas, or anything, in an assortment of different ways. If you changed the light or altered the texture, the color reacted. If you applied the color using different media, the color reacted.



We feel like the impactful philosophy behind Klein's blue accurately represents how we write songs and make music. You will find many influences in the music we create, shifting with the rips and the tides, the light and the shadows, but all packaged in a singular notion of music and sound. The IKB Sound.

All of the following images are credited to or their respective photographers. If you seek more edification, check that link out. 

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